Quantum Organic Grow Products

Produces Higher Yields

Promotes color, shape and size!

For the Gardener:
Use Quantum Growth on your garden and house plants to stimulate growth and produce higher yields.

The Future of Farming

Quantum Growth is a breakthrough in biotechnology and biophysics that provides unprecedented growth, yield, and water efficiency to crops and turf.

By using Quantum Growth™ products, you expect…
• Up to 45% more yield
• Up to 50% less water
• Up to 50% less fertilizer

How Does It Work?

Photosynthesis (light striking the plant is only 15% to 25% efficient).
Quantum Growth photosynthetic bacteria allows the light striking the plant to become 95% efficient, producing healthier plants. Healthier plants have less stress and produce more energy, therefore they need less nutrients.

Quantum Growth is 100% organic photosynthetic bacteria produced in EPA and FDA approved labs.

Quantum Growth contains no GMOs, Humic, Chemicals, Amino Acids, or Hormones

Photosynthetic Advantage

When light strikes a plant it is about 15% efficient at photosynthesis; 85% of the light is wasted.


Quantum Growth photo synthetic bacteria acts like glue attaching the light, oxygen, and hydrogen all together in the soil and the plant, to control the exact amount of each needed for the most efficient plant growth. EXAMPLE … If the bacterium senses that not enough water is present, it rations the water that is available to feed the plant. While performing this function it binds with other microbes present in the soil to increase natural fertilization. In the meantime it is increasing the efficiency of the energy conversion process, which prevents plant stress. In effect Fertilizer use is cut by up to 50% depending on the soil. Less water is required to maintain efficient growth. Added Fertilizer compounds present in the soil, will be bound by the Quantum Grow in a water shed situation which will remain bound in the soil and not leach.

Quantum Growth

Can increase root mass and fruit/vegetable production with:
• 50% less irrigation
• 50% less fertilizer